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Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) is one of North America’s premier certified, pre-owned POS hardware solution providers. Our loyal customers are the most important aspect of the POSRG team.

Our trained technicians are the engine of our point of sale refurbishment process. Our project managers are the crucial lynchpin between our sales team and daily facility activities. Our sales staff is engaged in selling used point of sale equipment on a daily basis. Our executive leaders serve as the company’s octane and the ignition.

POS Remarketing Group’s experience and dedication to point of sale systems hardware and services enable us to address the needs of service providers, retail, hospitality and food service industries. POSRG’s innovative solutions provide our customers a lower cost of ownership, the most value and reliability by supporting your hardware investment. POSRG believes in a strong collaborative effort with our customers to help them achieve their long term goals, while protecting their investment.

Within a few short years, Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) has evolved from a small local supplier of used point of sale equipment into an international powerhouse that provides high-caliber, completely certified, refurbished point of sale materials to more than 3,000 organizations in every major vertical global market. In fact, every year since our 2005 inception, POSRG has grown by approximately 30% per year.

How have we achieved and maintained such a phenomenal growth trajectory? That’s easy:

  • We respect our employees
  • We serve our customers
  • We provide superior refurbished products at competitive prices

From the moment each order is placed until the moment each order ships, we are passionate about leveraging every available process to fully extend the life of your point of sale hardware. Supported by a network of more than 70 skilled POS professionals in Illinois, New York, and Canada, we partner with you to develop innovative solutions and flexible programs that support your refurbished hardware investment with a lower cost of ownership, rock-solid reliability and exceptional long-term value.

As a result, we have earned a tremendous reputation for proactive customer support and 360 degree client care. Whether you need refurbishment, refreshment, repair, recovery, recycling or refining – we’re here to respond with a strategy that maximizes the durability and effective use of your point of sale hardware.



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