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Regulate Florida

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The mission of Regulate Florida is to create a practical and enforceable framework for adult use of marijuana.

Through a program of regulation and education, we will limit access to minors, prevent abuse and curtail driving while impaired. We will enable the creation of jobs and allow consenting and informed adults to choose to use cannabis responsibly rather than be labeled as criminals. while reducing the use of limited law enforcement resources.

  • The Amendment permits cultivation of 6 plants per adult 21 and older; the legislature can increase these quantities but not decrease them.
  • The Amendment permits sharing small amounts of cannabis with friends.
  • The Amendment protects an individual’s Second Amendment right to Bear Arms.
  • The Amendment permits the licensing of cannabis cultivation facilities, cannabis establishments, cannabis product manufacturing facilities, cannabis testing facilities, retail cannabis stores, and permits the full spectrum of cannabis products.
  • The amendment’s unusual length results from the desire to provide absolute guidance to the legislature and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
  • Despite its unusual length we believe the content does not violate the single-subject rule that applies to ballot amendments, other than those that limit the power of government to raise revenue.
  • Our petition contains no revenue limiting text. Thus, it neither creates nor abrogates licensing fees, nor any form of taxation on cannabis production and consumption.
  • The amendment opens licensing throughout the state for cannabis cultivation, testing facilities, product manufacturing, and retail facilities.
  • The number of licenses issued may be limited by each county or municipality, but the amendment creates no limits.
  • The amendment recognizes “owners, investors, employees, agents, officers and directors” of licensed cannabis establishments.
  • Each licensee must meet a five-year Florida-residency requirement, but Owners and Investors are not Subject to the Florida-Residency Requirement.
  • The Sunshine State can lead the nation in cannabis production as we do in the production of sugar cane.
    State licensing does not create an immunity from federal law. However, because of the passage of section 381.986 in 2014, Florida was included on the list of states subject to a federal prosecution exemption for its very limited approval of medical marijuana prior to the passage of the U.S. 2015 appropriations bill.
  • The Amendment does not require public use.
  • Employers are not required to allow or accommodate employees to use marijuana on site or during work hours.
  • The Amendment does not affect any medical cannabis bill or the Low-THC law.


Prohibition has failed. Regulation works!



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