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RHP Risk Management is a leader in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety. We specialize in the evaluation of exposures to chemicals, noise, vapors, hazardous materials, and biological contaminants in your workplace and in our state-of-the-art Exposure Simulation Laboratory.

Our staff of Certified Industrial Hygienists and occupational health specialists have extensive experience identifying hazards, measuring exposures, evaluating risks, and formulating solutions that are legally defensible and anchored in reliable scientific methods. We have an established reputation with a wide variety of industry sectors for responsiveness and quality service that provides peace of mind to our clients.

Occupational Exposure Evaluation

Our group of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals provides sound health and safety solutions for all industry sectors, from routine compliance issues to the most challenging, unanticipated events in the occupational environment.


RHP’s environmental scientists are experienced in the evaluation and remediation of soil, groundwater, and vapor contamination, as well as, site closure and permitting activities.

Exposure Sciences

Using our state-of-the-art Exposure Sciences Laboratory, we assist cannabis businesses in understanding exposure and risk by applying defensible science-based methods to the measurement of chemical and physical agents under re-created conditions.

Regulatory Compliance

RHP’s accomplished team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Public Health Scientists, and Certified Safety Professionals has substantial, wide-ranging experience in the performance of evaluations for regulatory and environmental as well as health and safety compliance, audits, and surveys for industrial, manufacturing and commercial facilities, and real estate in the cannabis industry.

Commercial Buildings

RHP’s highly trained, sophisticated team of certified industrial hygienists, public health scientists, and certified safety professionals has decades of experience working closely with clients and regulatory agencies in identification, analysis, and management of existing and potential health concerns within the built environment.

Hospitality & Health Care

Unique aspects of the built environment common to hotels, such as seasonal demand and periodic occupancy, can impact occupant health and comfort or affect aspects of building maintenance and infrastructure. The sensitive nature of the occupants in health care facilities drives a need for monitoring and validation of indoor air quality and cleanliness procedures & processes to prevent infection and outbreak risk. RHP has experience in discretely managing issues such as microbial investigation and remediation, Legionella evaluation and control, and building forensics.



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