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S.A.S.S. is an acclaimed firm of security agents with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property. We provide the industries best service at an affordable price.

Dispensary Security

Our cannabis dispensary security unit has been active for 9 years and our role in securing the dispensary business has evolved from just a security guard, to a complete package that includes customer service and knowledge of all necessary paperwork. Which means we perform several duties in our package and are ever-changing to accommodate your needs to keep your business secure and productive. Our success rate and tactics has led to a 0% incident at all of our secured locations, which includes several robbery attempts that have been stopped by our security professionals with 0 fatalities and injuries.

Event Security

Our event security task force has been in effect for several years, maintaining a safe environment for owners and customers alike. Our security teams have worked in venues with up to 10,000 customers that included the sales of alcohol to customers. Being one of the most challenging and high risk services we offer. With our active shooter and counter terrorism training program we are prepared for the worst, and our complete safety task force program implements the following services to make it happen. ID customers, search and cease anything that can be used as a weapon, report suspicious unattended items to the authorities, enforce dress code, underage drinking. Prevention is why we are the best, our security guards are mobile and interact with customers throughout the night reminding them of rules before things get out of control. We incorporate the warning system which works great at keeping current customers, lets them feel comfortable, while enforcing event conduct rules with great customer service. If and when their is an altercation our security guards will quickly evaluate and defuse the situation as quickly as possible with the least force and best technique possible, this is attributed to our world class training which makes us truly the best.

Executive Protection

S.A.S.S. Executive Security Protection is modeled after U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services and Secret Service Dignitary security protocols. Our security guards specialize in providing protection services for clients that are Fortune 500 executives, foreign diplomats, high net-worth individuals and family members that require professional personal protection.



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