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Security Consultants & Accurate Responder Services (SCAR Services) has been founded by security professionals and business experts who place quality over quantity, and strive for continued performance every day.

In this saturated world of security providers it can be difficult to find the right provider for your specific needs. The majority of security providers promise you all the right solutions to your security concerns, but fail to follow through. This is normally the result of poor company structure, and obtaining clients and contracts without the proper framework which may result in non-compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Every security officer employed without the proper licensing will not only put a security company at risk, but the client as well.

With our knowledge of the security industry, and our vast network of premium providers nationally accredited through proper licensing departments and insurance agencies, we will find you the most appropriate fit for all your security needs to match your demographic and geographical areas of operations. We provide the best services, with the appropriate costs. This is true security peace of mind, so rest easy knowing you’re working with quality professionals trained, licensed, and insured.

We expect excellence from start to finish from every one of our officers and affiliates. To obtain this high standard we have a demanding vetting, examination, and continual training process. We assure this process minimizes the probability of our officers’ inability to perform adequately. We also provide our clients witha brief biography of the officers that will be servicing their account. This displays the experience and integrity of the men and women who serve under our name. We hold our affiliated companies to the same standard.

Providing safety professionals with proven track records of experience assures the security of your assets, and the stability our company. At SCAR Services we’re building a reputation for excellence. This is why we are reimagining the security industry with innovative ideas, to provide a service that is unmatchable, yet, obtainable to our clients.



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