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At Schools & Tools we are, first and foremost, scientists. Our approach relies on techniques that have been developed through deep knowledge of the cannabis industry, from the genetics of the seed to the distribution of market-ready products.

We are community-oriented teachers who believe in sharing the best of our knowledge with others. Each class is geared toward the needs of its students and our approach varies as each student and situation demands. We recommend students have a partner to learn with, so our classes typically have a 1:2 instructor/student ratio. Instruction takes place over a three-day period on average, though this can change as required by a student’s experience. After the classes, alumni are provided video footage of the classes and phone support regarding anything taught in the class, as well as a future discount on all Schools & Tools classes and equipment. Our classes are extensive and come with future support; within our classes, the students and instructors form long-lasting relationships and develop a community, leading to the success of all.

We’re the home of the legendary Clear Class, held weekly, that is the gold standard in extraction methodology.
This class and our other educational offerings are unique and extensive. Our education is hands-on and takes into account your specific needs. As if that weren’t enough, we guarantee future support and hope to build long-lasting relationships that lead to success for our students and the greater community.

Pursuing the Gold Standard in Cannabis Extraction Education, Technologies and Technique;

  • State of the Art Education

    Cannabis Education, Equipment, Facilities, and Techniques developed specifically for the cannabis industry’s needs:

    • High-capacity Production Platforms
    • Safe & Efficient Facility Design and Operating Procedures
    • Greater than 90% Potency Product; Near-zero Residuals
  • Experienced Scientists

    Our full-time staff are an accredited chemist and experienced innovator. Together, they bring first-hand knowledge of formal protocol development, laboratory operation, and facility design to the cannabis extract industry.

  • Unparalleled Results

    With our production methods and equipment, customers have realized yields over 4-8 times greater than systems of comparable cost. From the ground up to the storefront, ABC has the schools and tools you need to succeed.



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