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The Infusion Hot Sauce Company, home of FIREPOWER, MANGO BANGO, DRAGONFIRE, and HYPERNOVA. These are serious sauces, the real deal, made in small batches with fresh chilies, garlic, and vinegar. We use a secret process that makes these sauces explode with flavor. We firmulate capsaicin concentrates to be mixed with solventless cannabinoids.

The heat in our sauces comes from fresh chilies. We use fresh garlic and the finest
vinegar. Instead of emulsiers, or dried out stuff found lying around in a warehouse, we
go to the garden, pick the ripest ingredients, and start from scratch. Then we add salt,
sugar, and spices. We guarantee we don’t use anything we can’t pronounce.

Painstaking Process

We make DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA and MANGO BANGO in small batches, with painstaking attention to detail. We infuse the vinegar by a secret process. We macerate the chili mixture until the sauce reaches the pinnacle of perfection. When the sauce will taste just right, we blend the mixture, strain the seeds, and fill our bottles.

The Right Recipe

DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA, MANGO BANGO and MISTER PIG come from a talented chef, not a big corporation. Years of hard won experience behind a stove have honed his talent and ability. In the trenches of the nation’s kitchens and food competitions he created just the right flavor profile for DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA, MANGO BANGO and MISTER PIG.


We make DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA, MANGO BANGO and MISTER PIG with one goal in mind. Bring out the flavor in our favorite dishes.

  • FIREPOWER is big, bold, and boisterous. Made from jalapenos, habaneros and red fresnos, you may use it on hearty meats, barbecues, stews, chili and as a wake up call for your morning eggs. This is the reason they paint fire engines red.
  • DRAGONFIRE is subtle and sophisticated. A nuanced approach to hot sauce, DragonFire blends jalapeno and serrano peppers with more delicate passillas. It’s a delicious addition to any kind of chicken dish, pork tenderloin, grilled fish and seafood dishes.
  • HYPERNOVA is an all-natural elixir that brings the heat to meats, fish, chili dishes, barbecue, and Asian foods. No chemicals, no additives, just a critical mass of chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, and inter-galactic starlight. Taste HyperNova and you’ll be convinced everything else is just hot dense dust and gas.
  • MANGO BANGO delivers sweet heat straight from the tropics. Using real mango puree, and a medley of fresh chilies including Yellow Scotch Bonnet, Trinidad Yellow Seasoning, and rare Bhut Jolokias. Mango Bango is fruity, flowery, and richly flavorful.
  • MISTER PIG PORK RUB Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Nine separate ingredients go into Mr. Pig Pork Rub. Used on ribs, pork shoulders and chops, Mr. Pig Pork Rub seeps slowly deep into the meat as it cooks, imparting flavor all the way down to the bone.



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