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Originally establishing our roots in 1944 as a civil engineering and surveying firm, we have since incorporated community planning and architecture into our core areas of service.

We contribute our growth and success to our repeat clients, having no boundaries of where we will work, our willingness to partner with other firms, consistently incorporating new technology into our work processes, and always remaining 100 percent accountable. If you come across a need that involves our core services, we’ll figure it out for you—if it’s out of our area of expertise, we’ll refer you to a qualified consultant. From on-demand solutions to long-term planning, our deliverables are Stronger, Safer and Smarter. Count on us to give you tailored solutions that fit your specific needs.


Almost all successful projects can be attributed to strong project management. Our project managers understand that the successful completion of projects is a result of having a well-guided team that communicates well with all stakeholders including the client, contractors, permitting officials and the community. In addition to a dedicated work ethic, we focus on establishing a strong and open relationship with our clients and keeping them informed throughout the entire project process. A successful project that is on budget and on time is very satisfying, however a long-lasting bond between us and our clients—both old and new—is our strongest asset of all.


As a full-service engineering firm, incorporating safe design practices is an every-day task. Our clients count on us daily to provide everything from quality drinking water systems, to strong sturdy structures, to safe travelling roadways. Additionally, we often oversee the construction of the projects we design, and safety plays a key role in all of our projects from the day the design starts to the day first ground is broke—all the way to project closeout. We continually update our safety training, integrate up-to-date safety processes into our designs, and actively practice key safety measures out in the field.


Smart decisions are key to successful project outcomes whether it’s on the design table or out in the field. Over seven decades of providing solutions has helped us grow into a smarter firm. We look for creative solutions to difficult problems, yet never overlook the most obvious answers first. We believe that the smartest solution is an honest solution, and trust is a key ingredient in all our client relationships. Remaining up front with our clients every step of the way, even through challenging project times, is the smart approach and is one of the main reasons clients keep coming back. Spicer Group is the smarter choice.



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