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“Sun Valley aims to provide cannabis patients with the nation’s finest certification experience with a strong emphasis on professionalism and exceptional medical care.”

We focus on quality versus quantity, rejecting the status quo culture of ‘seedy’ and ‘transactional clinics’ by ensuring that each patient feels cared for and safe in a professional and clinical environment.


The couple behind Sun Valley have a long history of witnessing and advocating the benefits of medical cannabis. Living with psoriatic arthritis and attending college in Colorado, one of the founders got his medical card in 2005 and has experienced the certification process more than a dozen times to stay legal. A lifelong advocate of medical marijuana and a serial entrepreneur, when he and his wife moved to Arizona, they were outraged to see that there was little or no clinical process to getting a card: most clinics were lacking professionalism, organization, and did not focus on patient care. This was the spark that lit the flame…

That fire was stoked by the loss of his mother and father within eighteen months of each other. Lost to pancreatic cancer and ALS, two diseases with numerous clinical trials that have demonstrated the benefits of cannabis. However, his parents were both dedicated federal employees and never consented to try it. So wanting to help patients like his parents, and with his wife’s 15 year career experience in managing medical practices, the founders of Sun Valley built their first clinic in 2013 with the money they had saved for their honeymoon…

Since that time, they have grown their practice in Arizona to five locations, serving over 15% of all Arizona medical marijuana patients, and have opened clinics in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to certifying over 75,000 patients and counting, Sun Valley has recently launched the first and only legitimate franchise model in the ancillary cannabis industry, and their own CBD company, Sun Valley Science.

“At Sun Valley, we’ve turned the once grueling process of getting a green card into a clinical, professional experience!”


Our facilities operate, look, and smell like a family doctor’s office. We have a team of physicians onsite at each of our locations and are happy to be open six days a week to better serve our patients. We boast a custom-made electronic medical record system that handles all data, including patient information, reminders for follow-ups, referral program tracking, and communication channels that are paperless and HIPAA compliant.

Sun Valley handles the entire evaluation and recommendation process from start to finish. Patients sit with a local Sun Valley medical cannabis specialist who shares a computer screen with the patient and completes the application process together. We then continue tracking the progress of each card in real time until that card is approved, resulting in an error rate that’s less than 1%.


Checking in, seeing the physician, and checking out are all structured into 15 minute rotations, allowing Sun Valley to distill their appointment process to an exact science.
At Sun Valley, we never double book patients, making you the priority, and most full service appointments take just 30-45 minutes. Appointments are available as scheduled and we accept walk-in patients as well. However, all pre-booked appointments will be honored first.

Sun Valley is a huge advocate of education, so our specialists are happy to answer any follow-up questions – free of charge. We are also proud to offer discounts for veterans, qualified minor patients/parents, and dispensary agents.


In May 2019, Empower Clinics Inc. acquired Sun Valley Certification Clinics Holdings in a game-changing deal, expected to create one of the largest clinic groups in the medical cannabis sector in the US.

“We have repositioned Empower as a vertically integrated global health and wellness company, helping consumers access products and specialized medical care for serious qualifying conditions.” – Steven McAuley, CEO and Chairman

Empower runs a network of physician-staffed clinics focused on patient care using medical cannabis. Empower has treated more than 123,000 patients since it started offering medical cannabis healthcare, has an expanding clinic footprint, and a focus on new technology.

“This acquisition is a testament to the hard work and dedication our team has provided to our community over the past few years – and I look forward to being a valuable resource to the company and community on the board of directors.” – Dustin Klein, Sun Valley Co-Founder.

Sun Valley continues to operate medical cannabis and pain management practices, with five clinics in Arizona, one in Las Vegas, a telemedicine platform serving California, and a fully developed franchise business model for the domestic cannabis industry believed to be a first in the US. The company has developed a patient list of more than 45,000 patients, and have performed over 61,000 certifications to date.

Our combined group will boast 12 active locations and have a total patient count of 165,000 across Arizona, Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, and Illinois – with the potential to rapidly expand the clinic network via the Sun Valley franchise program.

“I am delighted with our acquisition by Empower Clinics. It is the evolution of our dream, to positively affect the lives of patients across the country, and to become an adaptive and strategic organization that can harness the phenomenal and exciting growth of the cannabis industry.” – Andrea Klein, Sun Valley Co-Founder.

Service Locations:

Sun Valley has five locations in Arizona: North Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Surprise/Sun City, Tucson, and Mesa, and we are proud to serve all of Arizona’s surrounding communities!
In addition to Arizona, Sun Valley has a clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada, proudly serving that location and surrounding areas as well!

Related Services:

Sun Valley Science CBD products can be purchased from any of our Arizona locations and online at

In accordance with AZ/NV/FL law, each facility has a physician on site to assist chronic pain patients with updating their medical records. Additionally, thanks to investing in a FBI live scan fingerprinting machine, Sun Valley is the only clinic that can certify a qualified minor in a single visit that usually takes about an hour, a feat no other clinic has chosen to achieve. Sun Valley has also created quick and efficient processes to assist caregivers, lost card replacement, and dispensary agent fingerprinting.

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