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Tennessee homegrown started in 2016, near Murfreesboro, in Middle Tennessee. We are now in our third year of Hemp farming in Tennessee. We grow Fibranova, an Italian fiber variety, and another called Workhorse, which is naturally rich in CBD. These certified cultivars have responded wonderfully to the conditions of Middle Tennessee and produces beautiful Hemp flowers. Tennessee homegrown farms on pasture land that previously raised free range cattle for several years, retaining its biological activity.

We believe that any Hemp crop used to feed people or animals should be grown without using insecticides, herbicides or micro-biocides. Tennessee homegrown feels that it is important that all fertilizers and amendments used are organic, in addition to using beneficial microbes in the soil. This ideal combination of Sun, soil and organic fertilizer results in seedless Hemp flowers of a superb quality.

At harvest time, these naturally farmed Hemp flowers are harvested by hand at peak maturity. This means daily looking at the trichomes with a microscope to see when they are ready.

Tennessee homegrown then cures and processes the free-range sun kissed naturally grown seedless Hemp. This is another aspect that we feel makes our Hemp and Hemp products superior. Curing ensures that the beautiful, seedless Hemp flowers are slowly dried. This slow drying enables the sugars in their naturally grown Hemp buds to break down enough to release complex flavors while retaining as many terpenes as possible. This is why we feel that the curing process is so important and why Tennessee homegrown hemp flowers are so aromatic. After drying and curing, these seedless buds are quickly stored at a controlled temperature in airtight containers.

When we decided to process our Hemp crop ourselves, we investigated a lot of different methods. CO2, Butane, and Ethanol are methods used by most of the industry but each method has drawbacks. CO2 is expensive and inefficient. Butane is an excellent solvent, but can be dangerous. Over a period of months, we tried a lot of different methods, eventually settling on a technique that was perfected by Benedictine Monks in the late 13th century, using lipids. Tennessee homegrown combines our very best aromatic Hemp with the very best organic coconut oil and cocoa butter. This is supplemented with a much more modern and efficient cryogenic Ethanol extraction technique. These two methods produce products that taste great and work remarkably well.

These techniques fit well with our philosophy of using time honored traditions to make simple, wholesome products that can be used as food and as medicine. This is why at Tennessee homegrown; we’re more farm than pharmacy.



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