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The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co.

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The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., has been creating cannabinoid infused beverages since 2007. Our organic, soy and gluten free, health beneficial products are infused with sustainably harvested herbs and spices from around the world.

Serving both the THC industry and CBD industry with Kcup, bulk and bagged coffee, tea, mocha, cocoa and mushroom elixirs. Not to be missed are our new “V” Mocktails, in THC and CBD instant formula’s – Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Daiquiri, Lemon Drop and Appletini – just add water and ice, shake and pour! Changing the way the world sees cannabis, one cup at a time!

Sip & Circumnavigate!

Join our Co- founder and author JA St Thomas as she discusses the use of lifestyle strategies for promoting brands in the wholesale and retail marketplaces at Chicago Cannabis Expo.

Jill Alikas St Thomas is the CEO of The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., a cannabis infusion company, specializing in drinks. Since 2007, working in tandem with her husband they helped pioneer cannabis beverages and are presently serving over half a dozen legal states in the U.S. with expansion to Europe and Canada and CBD only products in the U.S., Europe and Canada. Considered a Green Queen of cannabis, she has been profiled by The New York Times, Time Magazine and Newsweek Magazine.

In 2015 Jill began writing, A Walk in The Park, a cannabis chronicle thriller, based on a dream and experiences in the industry. The only book of its genre, factional fiction that focuses on lifestyle, taboos, the culture clash of present industry newcomers with the old guard, love and perseverance. This book has been receiving wonderful reviews from Sensi Magazine, Kurple Magazine, Hemp Magazine, 420 Magazine, Cannabis Culture and more to come. Cannabis influencers such as 420booksociety, MissMarijuana and HighTeaLife are working to spread the word of the novel on a lifestyle platform, that will correspond with her speaking engagement at CIMP.

Literature, film and music are the windows to our society. If our intention is to de-stigmatize cannabis, we must use these tools as prompters for creating a new vision of cannabis use in society for today and tomorrow.

Inspired by gumshoe detective novels and classic action thrillers, like The Eye of the Needle , James Bond , Jason Bourne , REDS and The Hitman’s Bodyguard. This romantic thriller is written from a cannabis industry sexy insider’s perspective. Exposing the reality of politics and finance in the U.S. and how it manipulates unfledged industries for patenting and global control, with a nod to Richard Connell’s, The most dangerous game.

Book Synopsis; Stephanie Beroe is a Green Queen among a new wave of heroes the cannabis industry is creating. Pursued by several fortune 500 companies, Stephanie and her husband Remy, founders of a Cannabis infusion company are not your typical entrepreneurs, they have learned to live in the shadows, walk the gray lines of the law and most importantly never surrender. Their desire to overcome a myriad of obstacles to pioneer an industry that breaks the mold of corpocracy and defies corrupt banking practices, can only be matched by their love affair, that borders on the mythological. On the brink of global expansion that sheds light on an unimaginable clash of cultures, they fall victim to sabotage. In an attempt to solidify a global legacy, several CEO’s wooing the Beroes, are also vying to monopolize a nascent industry, or is there more to it than that as Remy goes missing?

Alarmed that a painful secret, may be a reason Remy is gone, Stephanie enlists a Private I and her best friend to expose the plot behind his disappearance. Caught between this terrible secret and corporate malfeasance, she must decide who to trust and what to risk, throwing herself into the arms of seemingly benevolent billionaires. On instinct she gets caught in the fire. Deceived by people closest to her and pushed beyond the limits of subjugation, Stephanie ignites her personal power in an attempt to find her husband. Pushing the limits of her amenity, she must rise to the catechism of sexism, abuse and revenge for love.

Can the Beroes’ inspire a dysfunctional group of jungle/punk abductees, a wayward private eye, a monolithic media mogul, a rejected privileged son and an awakened third- generation scion to deploy their out of the box skills to combat the dark side of the one percent?


A Walk in The Park is a brilliantly crafted novel that shares what life was like at ground zero of the burgeoning cannabis industry and exposes the darkest elements of human nature. All of this, woven around a nuanced, sexy, front-seat perspective to one of the world’s most impressive love affairs.” – Jean Weiss, author and editor, Yoga Journal, Outside Magazine, Delicious Living, Women’s Sports & Fitness.

Building a brand in the Cannabis space is anything but a walk in the park, it is filled with twists and turns, elation and heartbreak. Jill Alikas St Thomas has succeeded in this industry because her company is built on great ingredients, sound formulas and an infectious, creative spirit. These are the elements that attracted us to license The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., products in Vermont and the same reasons you will binge read this book.” – Bridget Conroy & Amy Bacon, two “green queens” at Champlain Valley Dispensary and Ceres Natural Remedies in Burlington, VT

A Walk in The Park – A Cannabis Chronicle Thriller” – By J.A. St Thomas is enthralling while intriguingly thought provoking. Each character brings a unique diversity to the mix. Entwined romance, adventure and suspense lends appeal to readers of varied genres.”-Francine Jaramillo, CBCS for Kurple Magazine “Corporate Intrigue! This novel combines, conspiracy and cannabis. One of the latest entries in spellbinding fiction, A Walk in The Park by JA St Thomas fictionalizes intrigue in the cannabis industry…” – Debbie Hill Managing Editor Sensi Magazine



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