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With more than 27 years in the private security industry, The North Group, Inc. offers the cannabis industry full-service, holistic security solutions strengthened by cutting-edge technology.

From preventive assessments and analysis to on-site, hands-on protective services, we work with clients to ensure security from inception to resolution by aiding with the implementation of the recommended security package. Our executive team has more than 100 years’ combined experience in law enforcement, military, and management — further supplemented by a vast network of partners throughout the intelligence and protective service industries.

The North Group serves clients of every size across the corporate, government, and private sectors. Whether you’re a municipal emergency manager, corporate executive, or global traveler, your safety is our priority. We build every client relationship on a foundation of trust, with a 360-degree understanding of what’s at stake. No matter what the assignment, our top priority is providing your cannabis business with best-in-class intelligence and security services.

Protective Services

With growing global security concerns, ongoing risk management for yourself and your assets is a constantly evolving process. Your organization’s protective-services needs constantly change with the competitive landscape, political climate, and your own vulnerabilities. Here for you at a moment’s notice, our vast network of highly trained professionals is operationally ready in over 190 countries. Our protective services and security offerings begin with a strategy refined by intelligence. Intelligence drives operations, so an operational intelligence overview is conducted with every client proposal, at no extra charge. It’s how we make sure the job is done right.

We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your existing security threats and weaknesses, and provide you with a sound strategy to improve existing policies and procedures — with minimal impact on your business operations, customer experience, and personal life.

Intelligence Services

Intelligence informs all the work we do at The North Group, but when intelligence is the job, trust our mission-tailored team to get it done.

Our highly trained and tested intelligence analysts have real-world experience — both military and civilian. We use the latest in state-of-the-art intelligence tools, including:

  • Analyst Notebook
  • LexisNexis Accurint
  • SAS

Let us gather the information you need to drive your operations forward.

Emergency Preparedness Services

Exxon Valdez. 9/11. Hurricane Harvey. The Sandy Hook shooting.

Disasters like these shift our national consciousness and reshape the way U.S. organizations operate from day to day. We partner with a range of clients — including corporations, governments of every size, public health organizations, healthcare systems and public, private, and charter educational institutions — to prepare for emergencies created by a variety of disasters.

From security assessments, resource needs, and complex logistical support, our team has you covered.

Special Project Services

Our executive team’s history has experience in the military, law enforcement, industrial automation, and management sectors. Our combined experience — along with enhanced intelligence capabilities and access to cutting-edge intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies — means we’re ready to tackle any client need, no matter how complex.

  • Unmanned Systems
  • Manned Aerial Systems
  • Electronic Tracking
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Mobile Security



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