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Total Armored Car

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Welcome to Total Armored Car and Federal Armored Truck. We are Michigan’s only independently owned and operated armored car “Cash In Transit” companies. We secure your peace of mind by providing total logistics.

Our Services

  • Secure Transport
    • Armed Pick-up
    • Airport / Plane side and ship-dock pick-up
    • Courier Services (non-negotiable items such as cancelled checks, business letters, and inter-office mail)
    • Medical Lab pick-up and delivery
  • ATM Services
    • First and Second Line Maintenance
    • Emergency Guard / Vendor response
  • Cash Processing and Consolidation
  • Cash and Coin Counting
  • Change Order and Disbursement
  • Coin Processing
  • Mobile Check Cashing (for employee paychecks)
  • Bank Deposit Processing
  • Smart Safe
  • Internet and E-mail


Total / Federal Armored has fulfilled Detroit metro armored pick-up and deposit needs longer than any current independent service. Our top management people have over 200 years experience with freight lines and commercial transportation. Our personnel attend training programs and seminars to enhance their ability to meet the requirements of your cannabis business effectively and efficiently. Total / Federal has the expertise, knowledge and experience for handling all your security requirements. Operating from numerous terminals, operational seven days a week, we are prepared to offer our customers the highest quality service and protection available on a global basis.


Total / Federal Armored recognizes the unique character of every client’s requirements. Our strictly enforced code of conduct ensures that all of your cannabis business arrangements remain completely confidential. The Total / Federal internal employee training and work regulations reinforce this code at all levels of responsibility.


Total / Federal Armored operates a fleet of vehicles ranging from armored vans to semi-tractor trailers. We reduce your exposure to liability problems outside the confines of your facility. Our employees are screened by the Michigan State Police and are issued a concealed weapon permit to perform their duties. Our company is insured through Lloyd’s of London, so your money, securities or valuables are safe with us. Total will answer all your questions concerning the best and most secure way to move your particular cash, securities, or valuables.


Total / Federal Armored’s account representatives have the skills to design specific security systems to fit your personal requirements.  They can explain audit trail requirements, detail signature verification, receipt books, and our new on-line accounting services.  Our customers are apprised of new Internet and online services as they become available.

Up to Date

To meet the demands, obligations, and special needs of our clients, Total Armored Car and Federal Armored Truck have been expanding and updating our services.  As we continue to perform in this information age, Total Armored Car / Federal Armored Truck pledges to inform and provide our clients with the most up to date security procedures available.




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