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REAL PATIENTS, REAL SOLUTIONS – YOUR CBD SOURCE. THIS is what Your CBD Source is all about. THIS right here is the reason you are here. You want a solution. We understand. There are MANY websites selling CBD products. We are different. We don’t just sell products, we make them as well.
We are a small company with a BIG HEART. We offer personalized service as industry leaders in online CBD products since 2011 and we work to keep prices affordable.

We use only the finest quality, Colorado Grown Hemp in making our products. Care Free CBD, Pure Hemp Vape, CannAffections, CBDSpa, Terpene Infusions and Benny’s Healthy Hemp are just SOME of our “in-house” brands.

In addition, we work very closely with the other manufacturers whose products we carry. We help them develop new ideas. We share information about how our customers respond to their products and we keep those products on hand in our facility and do our best to ship within 5 – 7 business days.

Benny’s Healthy Hemp(TM) CBD for Pets.

In animals, cannabidiol has been linked with prolonged lifespan, reduced anxiety and an overall improvement in the life of your pet. Pets have a very active Endogenous Cannabinoid System. Adding CBD to their daily routine is believed to help with a number of aggression disorders, noise phobias, canine dementia, the urge to spray (in felines) and a number of other problems that often plague our pets and their owners. Benny’s Made in Colorado, Hand-Crafted Tinctures are infused with a USDA Certified Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract. Our extract contains everything that is naturally occurring in the original plant. Using only the most premium oils provides a benefit from the safety and synergistic interaction of phyto-nutrients in their complete and balanced form. Made to pamper your pet with a multitude of healthy benefits.

CBD interacts naturally with the immune and nervous system of your pets, making them more confident, more relaxed and healthier across the board. As industrial hemp is naturally rich in these substances (and especially CBD), while having virtually zero THC, it has no side effects and your pet will not get high by using Benny’s Healthy Hemp.

Benny’s Healthy Hemp Products have been developed with veterinarians and are designed with the health of our furry friends in mind. CBD has been shown to regulate and stimulate appetite, modulate pain and improve the overall vitality and health of animals. No animals have been harmed by any testing during the development of Benny’s Healthy Hemp. Your pets can enjoy a tasty treat and you can take comfort in giving them the safest, most effective product on the market.

When it comes to behavior, CBD can make your pet feel more relaxed and more in control. This in turn helps with aggression disorders, self-trauma, cognitive problems, excessive vocalization and urination/marking problems. Benny’s Healthy Hemp, CBD Pet Tinctures are ideal for easy traveling with your pet, grooming, re-homing or reducing stress during fireworks and other noisy events. You can also use Benny’s Sweet Drops to relieve separation anxiety and keep your pet content until you return to have fun with them again.



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