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Emerging Industry Newsletter #8

Emerging Industry Newsletter #8

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Emerging Industry Professionals Newsletter #8: Week of July 25, 2022

Chicago CannaTech Expo: Sponsor Highlight

Harvest 360 provides consulting services that bring technologically advanced, experience-based solutions to the cannabis industry in order to facilitate increasingly more sustainable and efficient operations, create a framework for Research & Development, and contribute meaningfully to the cannabis industry of the future.

Harvest 360 strives to be an exemplary company characterized by grit and dogged determination to create positive change in our society and on our planet through all of their endeavors.

Their team is comprised of veterans and social entrepreneurs who believe that a company’s success should not be measured solely by the revenue it generates, but by the positive impact that it can make in communities and in people. Because they come from varying professional, societal, and generational backgrounds, they have a broad view of the world and focus closely on the development of the cannabis industry.

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Featured Expo Exhibitors

Featured Chicago

CannaTech Expo Exhibitors

Featured Chicago

CannaTech Expo Exhibitors

Etagg Solutions

Booth #339

Electronic shelf labels and full turnkey retail solutions.

Learning Rebels LLC

Booth #107

Non-traditional training solutions for companies to make training more effective.

ICS Consulting Service

Booth #435

Compliance based services, such as State and Local License Application Support, Technical Writing, and more.


Booth #202

HR solutions aimed at making HR simple for their clients.

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Chicago CannaTech Expo Sponsor

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Chicago Exhibitor Highlight

Bear Claw is the ultimate Talent Engagement System. By building a platform that bypasses the time-consuming work of sourcing, data entry, and task management that recruiters’ time was mainly directed on, they allow headhunters to focus on the important parts of placement such as engagement and cultivation.

Bear Claw ATS takes traditional applicant tracking and unifies it with passive candidate headhunting. A difficult challenge for most companies is refining the applicant pool frequently to find the right candidates. To find the best qualified candidates for your business or your client’s business, you must go and find them. Bear Claw ATS gives you all the right tools to accomplish both.

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Emerging Industry News

Hydrogen generation could become a $1 trillion per year market, Goldman Sachs says

Cannabis industry workers at Authentic 231 in Manistee, Mich. have become the first to unionize in the state of Michigan.

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48 Craft Cannabis Licenses Awarded to Social Equity Applicants

The Illinois cannabis market is about to get more diverse thanks to a surge in licenses being awarded to social equity applicants.

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Client Showcase

5 Years of Industrial Marketing

When Ohio-based powder coating and laser cutting company Architercual & Industrial Metal Finishing needed their website updated with a more modern look, they turned to TotalWeb Partners (TWP).

Over the course of five years and two design evolutions, TWP has:

  • Maintained 20-Page Informational Site with Service Pages
  • Added Service, Case Study, and Showcase Sections
  • Designed Custom Set of Iconography Related to Core Services
  • Dynamically Cross-Linked Products, Industries, Case Studies, and Applications
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Upcoming Expos:

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Chicago Speaker Spotlight:

John Mackewich

License Opportunities in the Midwest

Aug. 3, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. – Seminar Room #1

What licenses are expected to be available in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan in 2022 and how can you get one? What other markets should you consider if you do not qualify for the next round of licenses in Illinois?

Update on House Bill 1443. HB 1443 will create two new marijuana dispensary lotteries offering 55 dispensary licenses each.

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Announcing Ohio 2023 CannaTech Expo

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