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New to the GreenTech space? Consider this breakdown.

According to GreenTech Alliance:

A Greentech company is one that has positive environmental impact at its core. 

They are founded for a purpose, whether that is reducing CO2 emissions or pollution, minimising waste or protecting the world’s ecosystems

Greentech companies use science-based technology, ideas and methodologies to solve the biggest challenges the global community faces. Their business models are sustainable financially, socially and environmentally. Profit is generated as a means to sustain and scale the business and its positive impact on the planet. 

An awareness of greenwashing and a commitment to honest communication is central to Greentech companies. Communications should educate and inspire, encouraging a move towards sustainable systems. Greentech companies lead by example, reducing their own carbon footprint as much as possible and offsetting when necessary.

From finance to food, supply chains to consumption behaviour; Greentech companies have an unlimited range of focus, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Founded with the purpose of protecting the environment
  • Have a science-based, measurable impact
  • Remain true to their mission and do not engage in greenwashing 

Greentech companies have one common goal: to transform our systems and societies into ones that thrive within planetary boundaries.

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