Gavin Siver

Gavin Siver

Gavin Siver

Emerging Industry Association, President

Phone Number

(810) 547-1349

Professional Summary

As an entrepreneur, Gavin helps to lead a digital marketing company, TotalWeb Partners, as well as a national business exposition company aimed at destigmatizing cannabis by connecting everyday people with those involved in the cannabis industry. In conjunction, Gavin is the President of the Emerging Industry and Technology Association, a nonprofit organization striving to bring transformative technologies to mainstream consumers.

Gavin believes in the reformation of the US’s Justice & Incarceration system advocating for the abolition of for-profit prisons and increased funding for rehabilitation and carceral education programs. He believes in increasing the federal minimum wage to no less than $11 per hour because no hardworking American should work 40 hours per week and make less than the federal poverty line. Gavin says statistically, the war on drugs has failed and has only further jailed America’s population of color. Regarding drugs, Gavin believes in the destigmatization of struggling people, including those using drugs, through the decriminalization of drug use. Gavin points to similar programs in Portugal, Germany, and The Netherlands, which have drastically curbed hard-drug abuse resulting in the decline of violent crime, lower carceral populations, and decreased government spending (treating drug addiction is cheaper than incarceration).

Gavin is a graduate of the University of Michigan, holding an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree combining Politics, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Business. As a technologist and programmer since age 12, Gavin spends his time researching and developing new digital technologies in search of a revolutionary technology that will transform the world. As a programmer, Gavin has contributed to the development of the Linux kernel, the WordPress core, multiple WordPress plugins, and the Chromium browser project. Gavin’s most recent research endeavor involves the exploration of blockchain as a universally applicable transformative technology.